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IT Training

Consulting, planning and implementation of employee development

IT training courses by Qualidy for your employees or for your own needs, characterized by sustainable success. Benefit from our proven and popular interpersonal transfer process of professional know-how. We carry out our training sessions in a comfortable learning atmosphere, which significantly simplifies the access to the respective information technology. Discover our portfolio of IT training courses.

Our training courses

Discover our portfolio of IT training courses that are proven to be successful. This includes the most popular programming languages, which is only a part of what we can offer.


Data Science





Powershell, .NET Framework (C#,F#)

Kofax Desktop-Productivity

Further topics which make up our palette of services:
Web development, IT security and App development

Our conceptual approach

We handle the entire process of training and thus offer you a holistic concept.
This enables custom-designed training solutions for effective and sustainable results.


As a competent partner, we advise you on all aspects of your individual training program. Our consulting ranges from the creation of an appropriate learning concept to the provision of suitable material and the implementation of the courses. Our professionally and socially trained instructors accompany you throughout the entire process.


The refinement of the outlined training and teaching concept is also part of our expertise. We support you in planning the appropriate teaching concept with professional knowledge and experience. We focus on an optimal mix of online and offline learning materials, face-to-face teaching, and the right choice of media. Diligent planning lays the foundation for a successful training.


Interactive scripts and innovative learning formats are key to the delivery of a professional training. Our short explanatory videos are an example of how we break down complex topics into comprehensible bite-sized learning units. Our team of experts supports you in the selection process and creates individual learning materials according to your needs and the educational goal.


We have over 10 years of experience in quality preparation for exams and targeted learner support.

Well equipped

Our IT training courses are led by instructors who must meet high quality standards. A professional and social aptitude makes our specialists enthusiastic teachers.


100% individual learning materials paired with autodidactic approaches. Participants can use all provided learning content in the self-learning phases.


You can achieve a modern specialist training with the help of our contemporary concepts. Digital learning offers, interactive lecture notes and podcasts enable multi-channel learning.


You can also benefit from a diverse range of mathematical courses. We design the learning content individually according to your needs and always rely on promising learning concepts. In addition to the physical teaching, we also provide computer-based training for which we develop videos and webinars as required.

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Modern IT training courses by Qualidy