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Our mission

What moves us

We, Qualidy GmbH, are a modern, dynamic and professional consulting company that provides high-quality training and education in the IT sector. Our aim is not only to support people with an affinity for IT, but also to introduce non-IT people to the world of technology and software – not least in order to be able to counteract social challenges such as the shortage of skilled software developers.

Our vision

We want to grow together with our employees, customers and partners, learn something new every day and become one of the leaders for further education and training in the IT sector.

Our offer

Our offerings range from software and programming training to courses for future data scientists. As accompaniment to our educational offerings, we also offer exciting workshops to strengthen soft skills, such as work organization, project and time management, or learning strategies. We take care of the lecturer acquisition, the conception of the lessons, the lesson planning and execution as well as the examination formalities.
What makes our training courses so special are the contemporary concepts we bring with us, such as autodidactic scripts with integrated short video solutions and explanations, which are always adapted to the changing market and its conditions.

Our values

In order for us to approach our vision, the pursuit of our corporate values is indispensable. In addition to the visible success of the learner, we also focus on the relationship between lecturer and learner.

It is important to us that the participants are accompanied and individually supported during their learning process. Moreover, we see it as our responsibility to ensure that the future IT experts are ideally prepared and transition to their new everyday life with a good feeling. For us, a cooperative, communicative and eye-to-eye atmosphere is just as important as the fun of learning.

The well-being of our professionally and socially certified lecturers is also a personal matter for us. The opportunity to regularly take part in further training themselves, to contribute their own varied ideas as well as to realize their own potential makes our specialists enthusiastic and modern lecturers. Through a distinctive feedback culture, an informative exchange as well as the willingness to learn something new every day, we also ensure an ongoing potential for improvement.